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American Horseman, Introducer and Champion for Entrepreneurial Innovation, Art, Elevation and Story

"...and then there are people like you.", He said, sitting in a sunny corner of my parent's kitchen in their little house in front of the Tetons, "You use awe as tangible."

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Legend of the Longwing

Wise and wrathful as a grandmother, the desert shifts like the ocean, tied to the mark of time itself, and keeps it’s stories as it pleases.  Giant muses, Her dunes walk like liquid through generations, whispering in voices heard by those born of her, by those still enough to hear, and by those whom they chose.  
Literatures of families rooted with her in the very beginning of time are held sacred and silent, protected as myth until she shift her sleeve in perfect time and perfect reason to impart what may be in danger of being lost forever.  Until then, it slumbers in silence with the sun.

Under that ancient silence, the dunes begin to speak.  The sand and wind begin to whisper, manifesting from their restless horizon a single pale falcon passing through a silver blue sky.  They watch proudly under the spell of her freedom as she rises higher.  Higher.  She sublimates slowly, as if into the legend of imagination, to tell their story once again.   

Grab your headset!

Join me to talk all things business, mindset, humor, strength of story, entrepreneurial life and a bit of random left field.
I’ll be teaching some business techniques and tips (some of which I promise you won’t see anywhere else).
I’ll also be interviewing fascinating folks with fresh takes on success, young true tycoons and other good eggs
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Leslie's integrity, creativity with business development and ability to see through complexities to reimagine existing business with front-of-industry presence, has made her one of my closest allies.

Denise BaddourDiscovery Network, Light Path Media

Leslie is responsible for my initial "entrepreneurialness". She saw my vision and believed in what I wanted to do when everyone else was telling me to quit.

Alex DooleyOwner - Block Evolution Studios - Developer "Club Roblox" with over 500 million plays

I've seen Leslie's equine deal making in action a lot over the years, and let me tell you, she flat-out knows how to make deals. She knows exactly how to see what is special through the games and steers around the pitfalls of horse deals in a way that makes you laugh, because even the shadiest sellers don't know what happened. The way she goes about it, it's pretty indefensible. Trust me, if you can learn how to make deals in the horse business, they'll NEVER see you coming in other industries. If you have a chance to learn sales and business concepts from her, or work with her in any way, I'd definitely take it.

Linda Radigan - River Bend JumpersDeal Making In Action

I can personally attest for Leslie's skills, expertise, and character. She has played a huge role in my personal and professional success, and I have no doubt in my mind that she will do the same for anyone who has the honor of working with her.

Lawrence RouseGo For Gold Digital

A Different Kind of Leadership

“There is nothing more powerful than a human soul rooted in the present moment. Free from the illusion of the past or the future.”  

-Tony Robbins