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How's your adventure?

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i'm Leslie Goodyear. 
Connector, professional Nomad And your new Ace in the hole

Through fires and fine knotholes of a life marked by strategy and years in the technical marketing trenches, fueled with a life of adventures from the High Rockies to the oud infused life behind desert palace walls and charged with longstanding passion for filmmaking, horses, falcons and fine art...  I have come full-circle back to the thing I love the most. 

The spark that lights me is YOUR story (because, frankly, the world needs that)
I'm ready to flex a quiet little gift for seeing superpowers and my deep love for fanning them by laying out the platforms and tools to let them breathe and grow.  

The most impactful avenue for that these days is by defining your brand and designing your website.  


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Your website.   It's the face of your story

 Let's not chase and agonize over it for 6-12 weeks... Allow me to focus on you to help rouse the authentic brand behind you
and your vision

let me build one that lights you up
 And serves as your daily flashpoint  to bridge your thing into a world that needs it

in A Single inspired day.   

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"Ability to see through complexities

"Leslie's integrity, creativity with business development and ability to see through complexities to reimagine existing business with front-of-industry presence, has made her one of my closest allies."

-Denise Baddour
Discovery Network, Light Path Media

"She saw my vision and believed in what I wanted
to do...

"Leslie is responsible for my initial "entrepreneurialness". She saw my vision and believed in what I wanted to do when everyone else was telling me to quit."

-Alex Dooley
Block Evolution Studios - Developer "Club Roblox"
Top 20 Roblox Game with 1.8 Billion Plays

"Personal &
Professional Success...

"Leslie has played a huge role in my personal and professional success, and I have no doubt in my mind that she will do the same for
anyone who has the honor of working with her."

-Lawrence Rouse
Go For Gold Digital

She knows exactly how to see what is special

Trust me, if you can learn how to see diamonds and make deals in the horse business, they'll NEVER see you coming in other industries. If you have a chance to learn concepts from Leslie, or work with her in any way, I'd definitely take it."

-Linda Radigan
River Bend Jumpers