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American Horseman and Champion for Entrepreneurial Excellence

...and then there are people like you" He said, sitting on a red linoleum counter in a sunny corner of my parent's kitchen in their little house in front of the Tetons, "You teach the rest of us how to live...

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From The Freestone

February 5, 2017

Equine Time

Funny how life works...   My poor angels have been browbeaten for such a long time with story and hollywood, that when my heart wandered back to thoughts of the...
Digital BusinessWriting & Film
February 5, 2017

Construction of Pursuit

We started in this business of digital marketing standing shoulder to shoulder with the top performing SEO experts in existence. We went after the numbers, and succeeded fantastically.  Every approach...
Leslie Goodyear Falconry Writing & Film
February 3, 2017

Desert Falcon

The following is an excerpt from Desert Falcon A Legend, written by Author Leslie Goodyear and Fergus Beeley A rifle shot echoed through the sunset.  Through the reverberations, an Oryx…