Hi  there,  I'm Leslie...

                                                      with quiet dread in the pit of my stomach, watching her forehead furrow, I laughed when she said it:  "You're a bit professionally schizophrenic, aren't you?" and relief avalanched over me.  I wasn't a fit. Thank God. I grinned at her. What a truly outstanding insult. 
"I prefer to call it 'professional nomad'"   

The truth is that the throughline of it all makes complete sense to someone not steeping in a formulaic 9-5 gig.  In fact, in a twist of irony, it rather interestingly serves the person who is... and still holds a torch for their other big dreams.


i sat with a recruiter once


I love it that when people experience anything with horses or birds of prey, they tell me about it.  It's true... this life with horses has paved rather amazing paths for me.  From oud-infused palaces in the desert, to storied studs in Normandy,  Britain, South America, Kentucky and my childhood home here in the Rockies, the horse and business combination has served up some pretty amazing adventure.  Backing out for a wider view, however, the truth is that it's actually a drive and intense curiosity for story that has pushed these experiences.  Horses and falcons and mountains and wild rivers, a little bit of Hollywood, fascinating world doers and a super hunky wild-rivers guy happen to be the beloved manna behind my story. 

                       from that place to lay out a moment of joy, of original thought, elevation inspiration, insight, bridge, connection or even a stretch of wonder is my raison d'etre.  

The trouble was that nobody could find these tales. So.
I dove deep and learned to market so all of it could be seen, and in the words of Hutch Mansell, “I maaay have overcorrected…” 

From working with an underground group of some of the worlds top SEO specialists, and then with Intent Based Branding and behavioral response direct marketing, then to Web3.0 Metaverse gaming pioneers and the like, I found myself in the deep end of the marketing pool.  Highly skilled, but on a foreign planet driven by metrics instead of bridges - uninspired and burned out.  So I took a few months off, listened to all seven Harry Potter books while cleaning stalls, rode my horses and retooled. 

What lights me is seeing new fires in people connect and bridge with their day to day.  Whether rekindled directions for long held ideas or fanning a new spark that flashed the moment before, there’s a moment when they reveal their track when the air crackles around them. I see it when people first tell me their story, and with the gratifying flashpoint when limitations crumble before truth of inspiration. 

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The Complete Horse
Sporthorse Investments

Ink, Film, Metaverse In Game Brand Partnerships

"Ability to see through complexities

"Leslie's integrity, creativity with business development and ability to see through complexities to reimagine existing business with front-of-industry presence, has made her one of my closest allies."

-Denise Baddour
Discovery Network, Light Path Media

"She saw my vision and believed in what I wanted
to do...

"Leslie is responsible for my initial "entrepreneurialness". She saw my vision and believed in what I wanted to do when everyone else was telling me to quit."

-Alex Dooley
Block Evolution Studios - Developer "Club Roblox"
Top 20 Roblox Game with 1.8 Billion Plays

"Personal &
Professional Success...

"Leslie has played a huge role in my personal and professional success, and I have no doubt in my mind that she will do the same for
anyone who has the honor of working with her."

-Lawrence Rouse
Go For Gold Digital

She knows exactly how to see what is special

Trust me, if you can learn how to see diamonds and make deals in the horse business, they'll NEVER see you coming in other industries. If you have a chance to learn concepts from Leslie, or work with her in any way, I'd
definitely take it."

-Linda Radigan
River Bend Jumpers

Storyteller, Filmmaker
 🏅Best Original Screenplay Official Selection “War Birds” Official selection “Godolphin” - Feel Good Film Festival, LA
  🎖 “Someday Somebody Will Ski That” People’s Choice Award Barry Corbett Film Festival / Telluride Mountain Film Festival
  🌎 Natural History Film: National Geographic, Discovery Network, PBS Nature, BBC Nature, etc.
  🎥 Commercial/Music Video Production, LA, NYC, Atlanta, etc (Warner Brothers, Smuggler, Nat Geo, BBC, etc... Extensive)
  🇺🇳 Produced, Curated and distributed United Nations Forum On Forests Secretariat Int’l Forest Film Festival
  📖 Fiction: “Desert Falcon - A Legend” (Amazon best new release and bestseller)
  🖼 Contemporary Fine Art: collector, dealer, NFT freshie
 📈technical SEO & social media audience & demographics SME; Social media marketing,, etc 
🏆 JHW Film Festival Director of Marketing (“Oscars of Natural History Film”) + TexX Jackson Hole
👾 Metaverse marketing: Seeking strategic brand partnerships for bespoke, highly engaged presence in top 10 Roblox games (2.5B plays 14M+ MAU, 100m play sessions/month kids age 7-14).

Equine Imports, & Investments
 - USEF Horse Of The Year: Young Jumpers
 - 3 horses ranked in the top 10 in the USA
 - British & Blanford Bloodstock; Haras Du Quesnay (prepped, marketed and sold Sadler’s Wells yearling whose European sale record held for 24 years- Deauville)
 - Development team of initial “Sheikha Fatima Mubarak Ladies Showjumping Cup” in Abu Dhabi, UAE - opening doors for GCC women to compete in equestrian sports 💪🏻 🇦🇪.
 - Business, Development and Private Advisor, Sport Horse Purchasing, Imports, Exports and investments for Al Reef & Al Shira’aa International UAE, Great Britain, Germany, and United States
 - Additional advisory and consulting services UAE
 - www.thecompletehorse.com

Leadership & Advisor 
Differentiating thinking by leveraging universal, practical cultural commons such as horses, falconry, etc.. Based in Absolute Presence Method.
🇺🇸 USA, 🇦🇪 Abu Dhabi, 🇬🇧 Great Britain

Moved home to native Jackson Hole WY after living in
🌏 Deauville
🌎 New York
🌎 LA
🌎 Paris
🌍 Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain

- Wife, Auntie, Mentor, Falconer, Horseman
- Second worst guitar player in Wyoming
- Presently accepting bribes from my family NOT to take up bagpiping - they may be looking for financing...