Cloudveil By Freestone

Our specialty starting point to inspire Photographers, Filmmakers, Creatives, Wanderers and Visionaries.  This design is available exclusively to the imaginations of our  One Day Website and Empire in a Box V.I.P.s to help them envision the story platform that will usher in a new era for them and for their followers!

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Spindrift By Freestone

Modern and clean with a bit of drama that invites the visitor to lean in, the Spindrift by Freestone was designed to stir leaders, brands, coaches, writers, podcasters and creatives looking to inspire and engage their audience with a vibe of mystery, strength and sophistocation.

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An agency representing game developers wanted a space that bridged the high engagement arcane metaverse gaming world with it's massive elusive audience, and big visionary brands.  This is where it begins for them.

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The Complete Horse

Scheduled for a complete redesign, makeover, facelift... The Complete Horse is designed to provide free information, training and entertainment for horse lovers of all skill levels, a blog, and a hub for a full range of equine courses. 

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"I can't believe you did this!"

"This process flushed out my whole style...                      and you absolutely nailed it!  I can't believe you did this in such a short amount of time.  Seriously, I'm so inspired now!"

M.m. Confessions of a Superhost

Case Study In Progress

You get me

"I just didn't have time to try to understand all of this.  I needed someone talented and capable to just build it...
ALL of that happened

-Elizabeth Re

"Outgrowing your old website is a really
good sign.
You should be VERY proud of that!"

How you're truly seen.
Whom it serves.
Just one day away...

a process that'll change your business

How about you??

           someone comes to my website, I want them to feel they have been invited to dinner, or stepped into one of my books or films.  I want them to feel they are welcomed into a world that is worthy of their curiosity and time to wander - one that solves a problem or inspires a direction, maybe connects a few dots, or just really serves up a cocktail and invites them to hang out with the weird, storied, unique me for a while like it's a curated, unpestered snoop through a dust and light filtered bookstore in Paris, or Livingston. 

Yeah sure, I'd like them to buy something... but to me, that's secondary to the experience.    



It's a pretty ridiculous path to come from mountains, through  deserts, horses, a whisper through the UN, by way passion film and storytelling through techy intricacies like SEO and the Metaverse, and back to this place.  But here I am, with a turbo tuned drive to build your story, drive and build your authentic business and shine light on the thing that shines light on you.  

Yeah.  That makes me happy. 

Meet your new design cohort,
Leslie Goodyear.

VIP Website Build

What it includes:

5 page website: Home , About Work Together/Offers, Contact & One Long-Form Sales Page 

Website training how-to videos, private support Facebook Group access.  

Aligned Branding: Brand Board, Color Palette, Custom Fonts and Word Mark Logo

Empire In A Box 

Copy Templates, Preparation Checklists & Streamlined communication

What it includes:

Copy Templates Get Prepared Checklists & Streamlined Communication

Social Media Templates and Branding Schedule Setup for 3 Months

10+ Page Website; VIP Brand Builder+ 2 Sales Pages, Products/Shop Podcast or Blog

Aligned Branding, including Brand Board, Color Palette, Custom Fonts and Word Mark Logo

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Social Media Templates and Branding Schedule Setup for 3 Months

Technical on & off page SEO campaign for 3 Months




One Week Turnaround 
Plus 3 Month SEO Campaign

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Mini Brand Design Intensive

What it includes:

Logo Suite (lite version)

Custom Color System

In Depth Brand Strategy Questionaire

Mood (Brand) Board & Brand Words

Typography Suite Suggestions

Brand Guide Board


One Week Turnaround 

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Creative Direction

VIP Focus experience that delivers a website that jives with current trends in website design and impact.

Orchestrates an online experience that carries your client on a journey that entertains and informs, and builds a high value relationship with you 

Inspires you every day to search for reasons to come back to your website to create more, connect more and expand your business more

Builds goodwill with your perfect audience and delivers value that will make them lifelong clients

Creates a space that represents you, holds up your work, attracts your dream audience, engages your dream customer and converts your dream client

A dream website
Your professional Face

Laser Focus, Low Friction, 

High Impact

"Leslie is one of my closest allies... 

"Leslie's integrity, creativity with business development and ability to see through complexities to reimagine existing business with front-of-industry presence, has made her one of my closest allies."

Denise Baddour

"She saw my vision and believed in what I wanted to do... Honestly, at first she was one of the only ones who did."

"Leslie is greatly responsible for my initial "entrepreneurialness". She saw my vision and believed in what I wanted to do when everyone else was telling me to quit."

Alex Dooley

"She is dedicated to bringing out the greatness she sees."  

"I work with her every day and look forward to the level of dedication she brings to every working partnership.  Fun, insightful talented and creative, she works diligently to bring out the greatness she sees."  

Orgulloso Bautista Vich

What Clients Are Saying...

Discovery Networks, Light Path Media

Block Evolution Studios - Developer "Club Roblox" - Top 20 Roblox Game with 1.8 Billion Plays

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Why So Fast?

First and most importantly, riding the wave of the inspired creative mojo generated during our kickoff call, through the focus and very specific processes of your web design day harnesses a different level intensity that just simply generates a better product.  
It's much like the process of painting and writing where the creative muse can be muddied and diluted with tinkering and death spirals of overthink.
Everything about the final product with this process is just incredibly, uniquely satisfying

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make changes after our Build?

That's really the beauty of it!  Your beautiful new website will be just that... YOURS.  It will be delivered to you on the revolutionary Showit platform, so you can make changes or updates or any tuning you desire  as easily as shaking up your favorite social media account (whether you're a web design professional or full on novice).  It's super intuitive, and incredibly customizable and makes it possible for your website to be a dynamic working part of your growing business and vision.

  As part of the package we will deliver to you, you'll receive training videos, a super easy-to-follow Showit Guidebook for the complete launch-ready website that's altogether yours.

Why Showit?

Designing and building Wordpress websites was a natural offer in my SEO agency - we offered it because we knew the whole project would start off on the right foot (technically speaking) with correct SEO relevance built into each page.  With all of its strength and charms, Wordpress was clunky and limited.  The delivery of these beautiful products was lukewarm at best because we knew it carried with it years of frustrating chase-down of followup, updates and volleying details.  By the end, my little boutique was making less than $2 hour to design websites. It was a drag... for everyone.
Then along came Showit and changed everything. 
I don't know how they did it, but they have managed to put together a building platform that is infinitely customizable AND has Wordpress bones.  So, beautiful, easy to navigate and has SOLID SEO chops!  This opens the door for beautiful designs, and it holds it open for website owners to have the freedom to put their stamps on things - so no chasing down designers for tweaks! 
That's a big win for everyone! 

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Think of your old website or your ideas about one as a chrysalis that served you well.  It's time to stretch out of it and into the new thing that really inspires you... tells your story... benefits the world
around you
Or simply gives ground and voice to that thing you know you're aching to do...
You know it's time.  Let's get it done! 

Click below to start the process.  I can't wait to hear your story.

Life is short...

You've been waiting
long enough

Confessions of A superhost

Client, M.M., 

      who wishes to be anonymous , given the cheeky nature of her blog, that tells the hilarious woes of an Airbnb Superhost, and offers advice about how to deal with the crazies, ways to over-deliver to the heartwarming superguests, tips and instruction about design and touches that make vacation rentals and home sanctuaries go from mundaine to 5 star luxury. 

Design plays an ENORMOUS role as a character in this blog.   Client MM wanted old Hollywood glamour - a midcentury  and earlier nod to the Rat Pack and nods to their deco sensibilities, with signature colors pulled from a painting at the Beverly Hills Hotel and the habits of her design that appear in imagery of the houses she designs and rents.   The brand vibe she chose is smart, quick-witted  sophisticated design that lends to the stories and draws interest to what will eventually be paid content, courses and paywall access and information. 

Glamor Humor Blog

Case Study #1 (brand intensive