A New Universe

Somewhere between grand summertime feature blockbusters, some notion of theme parks, the games of our youth, and avenues of downtown commerce, we find the new metaverse… and the passionately involved masses gathered there.

For storytellers here, the opportunity to sweep hearts and minds actively into inspiration, with their hands tinting the fabric we’re weaving, the potential is nearly beyond anything we have seen before.

For companies and brands, there exists an elusive holy grail here. Engagement.  True, active, organic, hands-on engagement.  By the billions.

Leveraging wildly successful spaces and the developers who know the magic that drives their loyal fans is a bit of a departure from current models of building new worlds and buying traffic for them.
…and we’re pretty excited about it.

Gaming is the largest sector of the entertainment industry.
It outpaces film, television and music combined,
...and it's growing.