Funny how life works…


My poor angels have been browbeaten for such a long time with story and hollywood, that when my heart wandered back to thoughts of the great equine beasts that occupied my life utterly until I lost the one of thousands that mattered, these angels have begun to outdo themselves.  I think they’re relieved to be back in familiar territory.


Evidently, I have a thing for working with troubled horses, and perhaps their riders.


I wonder if perhaps this credit is somewhat due by association with my darling Dodger… the consummate problem horse whom even an olympic gold medalist found too challenging to ride, and my partner for nearly 20 years.   Because of him, and many thousand thoroughbreds in Kentucky and France…, a hefty ongoing dose of humility and some sort of unexplainable invisible velcro on my seat and saddle…  I gained a profound understanding of the power of body language, of the subtleties of anticipation and of communication of limitations, real or perceived.  I also know that through the real partnership with a horse, one must understand grander things, like loyalty, like trust… and consideration of the way a being exists in it’s natural state – without me…   Asking for excellence while appealing to those three things are the true elements of foundation, and gives ground for the engagement and blossoming of real talent.


As this digital document ages, I often wonder if the angels I refer to with a wink have gathered for a great poker game…  the chips they wager are the occurrence and happenstance of people along our paths.  Mine, bless them, are on a streak.

Through the grace of an astonishing and beloved friendship, and by an extraordinary path forged around the world and through cultures by the borderless connection to the heart of a horse, I was given a very young PRE Pure Spanish Andalusian stallion of my own.  The horse sized and shaped hole in my life was, as it turns out, precisely his size and shape – Iberian head and all.  Imagine, then, that he wasn’t nearly fully grown.  As he matures day by day, all little girl dreams, and thwarted competitor’s secret visions are surpassed.   What a dream to see in front of you the true possibility of engaging the work that may reveal just how talented you really are…  I ask daily how I may ever balance the blessing of such a gift. While waiting for the answer, I’m blowing the dust off of dressage saddles, endlessly studying Doma Vaquera, adjusting my legs and a sore back from defense and calm to lightness, elegance and character.


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