The following is an excerpt from Desert Falcon A Legend, written by Author Leslie Goodyear and Fergus Beeley

A rifle shot echoed through the sunset.  Through the reverberations, an Oryx exploded over the clean edge of a sand dune, bounding with the full strength of his life toward the rise of another dune.  The long spikes of his vertical black horns disappeared easily behind it just as Rashid appeared, chasing him.  Seeing the tallow beast crest lightly over another dune silenced by desert and distance, his shoulders dropped in defeat. With force of anger belonging only to a teenager, he yelled, kicked the sand in disgust and turned around.

Scanning the still sculptures of grand dunes casting vermillion into the last lavender of sunset, his breath flashed, caught in alarm. He was alone. He whirled to scan behind him, but the slow rises of sand, identical in his panic, gave him nothing.  He closed his eyes to focus himself and with his second calming breath, a tendril of breeze still warm from the day curled softly around him.  As it grew some, it carried whispers growing into melodic hints of prayer.  His father’s prayer. He followed it to the crest his Oryx’ grand dune and spotted a single tree with small glint of flame next to it.  His sigh began with relief, and slowly ended laced with humiliation.  Shuffling with shame, made his way toward the small light holding against the grand advance of night.


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