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Between you and the thousand pound flight animal in front of you, one will be the leader. The true power and inspired performance is in the delicacy of that decision. Learn how through virtual or live keynotes, one on one consulting or mentoring, private client group, online training & private leadership events in Jackson Hole

  • Improved Sales
  • Intuitive Focused Leadership
  • Increased Engagement & Company Culture
  • Clarity of Scale & Targeted Growth
  • Marketing Strategy & Map
  • Critical Thinking Independence
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Leslie Goodyear is an entrepreneur, an SME in audience, demographics and technical SEO marketing. She is an internationally recognized advisor and strategist for entrepreneurial and media business development, individual and business high performance, equine and falconry based leadership strategies,  and equine investments. Her work includes personal and business consulting, leadership training, international equine export, equine management, purchasing, stretching from the United Arab Emirates and Europe and across North America.

Leslie resides in her native Jackson Hole, Wyoming with her host of horses (a special group led by a Mallorcan Andalusian stallion named Orgulloso and a fairly cheeky young Friesian stallion by the name of Vance, whose big step and long mane, has inspired a following) a Saker Falcon and her hunky husband, Gregg, who miraculously seems to understand it all… most days.