It takes awe to quiet the ego. 

It takes shifting to selflessness to inspire true greatness… 

and it takes both to dissolve borders.

This is where the power of cultural commons stepped into my awareness. As a horseman and a falconer, I see those shifts nearly universally.  Both horses and falcons and the ancient, borderless skills around them cause a progression of response from people, and I wanted to harness them.  First, they inspire a nervous awe, a dropping of ego, and if framed correctly, an unparalleled kind of focus that begins with a little anxiety, advances into inspiration and with new humble roots to self confidence, elevated instinctive leadership a unique simple integrity, and natural elevation in empathy and awareness.

The pursuit of capturing and guiding this experience is where the 4 pillar structure of Absolute Presence was born.   It is nearly universally applicable and it is my goal to give this skill and awareness to one million people. 


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