Leslie Goodyear

Writer, Falconer, Horseman, Entrepreneur...

The Discovery of Absolute Presence

Funny how life works…

My poor angels were browbeaten for such a long time with art, story and Hollywood and rare entrepreneurial tracks that when my heart wandered back to thoughts of the great equine beasts that occupied my life utterly until I lost the one of thousands that mattered, these angels began to outdo themselves.  Perhaps they’re relieved to be back in familiar territory.

Credit is somewhat due by association with my darling Dodger… the consummate problem horse whom even an olympic gold medalist found too challenging to ride, and my partner for nearly 20 years.   Because of him, and many thousand thoroughbreds in Kentucky and France…, a hefty ongoing dose of humility and some sort of unexplainable invisible velcro on my seat and saddle…  I gained a profound understanding of the power of body language, of the subtleties of anticipation and of communication of limitations, real or perceived.  I also know that through the real partnership with a horse, one must understand grander things, like loyalty, like trust… and consideration of the way a being exists in it’s natural state – without me…   Asking for excellence while appealing to these things is the core of a foundation that I believe gives ground for the engagement and blossoming of real, rooted talent.   It’s from this notion that the structured approach to elevated leadership called Absolute Presence was born.  This rather odd and extremely powerful and fresh approach to business, leadership and personal development has become an interesting ballast to a story and art based life.

Done right, it’s power comes from leveraging awe.  Within that remarkable, fleeting place, ego, concern and conditioning are suspended long enough to see something different and experience something uniquely real.

It sprung from watching the transition of one amazing young woman shift the entire course of her life by shifting her concern to the Arabian stallion she was riding… It happened in the beat of a single canter stride and I was only able to recognize the quiet flash because of this lifelong work with horses and birds of prey.  What an honor.

The way of thinking behind that moment evolved into a practice that has proven to have consistent, extraordinary and completely unique influence on performance – most powerfully with leadership, and simple, personal expansion.  It really is an extraordinary privilege to witness the shifts people experience as their faces light in these moments – that wash of illumination singular point of inspiration drives everything for me, from the power of story, humor and horses to falcons in flight.

True horsemen are natural leaders… They know it isn’t about them, but about understanding and bringing out the singular magic and greatness standing in front of them. The best among them make that shift as quietly as a sunset.


Leslie Goodyear and Falcon Genghis